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Spirit Wind Essentials

Eagle Mother and the Native Circle present a new line of organic, artisanal Aromatherapy Products, wild-crafted locally in Mt. Vernon, ME. Each product is hand blended in small batches using the highest quality ingredients found in nature.

Arnica Balm – Soothing pain relief for bruising and sore, aching muscles. Great used before or after a work-out. Arnica infused oil is blended with beeswax, cocoa butter, calendula, evening primrose, jojoba, sweet almond, and pure essential oils to create a rich, moisturizing balm. $12

Comfrey Balm – Used as a rub, Comfrey Balm can stimulate tissue repair in bone, ligament, tendon, and muscle tissue injuries. Comfrey infused oil is blended with beeswax, cocoa butter, anti-viral oil, and a blend of infused and essential oils in a rich, moisturizing blend. $12

Anti-Viral Balm/Anti-Viral Oil – Anti-viral and anti-microbial, the balm and oil offer immune system support and can help combat the season’s mirage of germs and cold or flu bugs. Deeply breathe in this aromatic blend and apply a small amount to lymph node areas. Use the Anti-Viral Oil when exposed to germs in crowded areas and at the first signs of cold or flu. Balm can be used to heal soft tissue wounds. Balm $12 / Oil $15

Calm Land Oil – Sweet Dreams!  This lovely blend relaxes, calms, and unwinds body, mind, and spirit.  It can be added to massage oil or kept handy for use full strength in times of stress or anxiety.  It promotes deep, relaxing sleep when used at bedtime.  Oil  $10

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