Available Services & Rates

Therapeutic Massage – Swedish based massage created for the individual.  Techniques may include: relaxation, deep tissue, stretching, trigger point therapy, heat therapy, and/or aromatherapy.  A medical intake and interview is taken at the beginning of each session to determine the most effective techniques.

  • 30 minute session – $40
  • 60 minute session – $60
  • 90 minute session – $85

Warm Stone Massage – Using mineral rich stones lovingly gathered from Maine’s rocky sea coast, this luxurious and therapeutic massage will ground and balance energy, as well as relax and unwind tight muscles.  The deep heat associated with this treatment will increase blood flow to strained soft tissue.  The treatment utilizes all traditional massage strokes while incorporating the healing effects of warm stones.

  • 90 minute session – $90

Aromatherapy Massage – Add a beautiful, supportive Aromatherapy Blend to your Therapeutic Massage.  Choose from three premium aromatherapy blends created by Spirit Wind Essentials in Mt. Vernon, ME.  Aromatherapy Blends include:

Women’s Relief – a blend formulated to ease stress from hormonal imbalances.

Inner Tranquility – a meditative blend that can bring you to a place of stillness and inner peace.

Transcendence – created specifically for those experiencing issues of chronic pain, Transcendence supports body, mind, and emotions and helps one to transcend and to align to a higher purpose.

  • 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage – $60
  • 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage – $85

Spring Revitalizing Massage 90 minutes of relaxing, deep tissue massage targeting tight muscles and stagnant energy.  This massage is offered with Organic Sesame Massage Oil.  Sesame oil has been used as a healing oil for thousands of years and is known for its nourishing and detoxifying qualities.  A special Aromatherapy Blend created by Spirit Wind Essentials of ten different essentail oils is added to the sesame oil for a healing and truly revitalizing experience.  Formulated to clear and wake up your energy from its long winter’s nap!

Reiki Energy Work – Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is an ancient form of bodywork that promotes relaxation and balance on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level.  During the session, the client remains clothed and relaxes on a massage table while Reiki hands are either laid on the body in traditional positions or worked slightly above the body.

  • 60 minute session – $60

Gift Certificates Available!

Know someone who is in need of a little rest and relaxation?  Consider a Sanctuary Massage & Bodywork Gift Certificate as the perfect gift!   Gift certificates may be purchased for a specific type of massage or for an amount that will allow the recipient to choose the type of massage they would like to experience.

Please call or e-mail to order:  phone: (207) 242-2333 | e-mail: jeri@sanctuaryme.com




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